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Education Day

This year we will have a full day dedicated to education from our vendors. Classes are scheduled for Friday September 22nd. Classes will be held at the Utah Valley Convention Center on the third floor.

*Enrollment is required to attend the classes. 

*Classes are an additional fee. Classes are NOT included in your expo ticket.

Class Schedule

Below you will find information regarding each class and what they have to offer. To enroll in one of these classes, please follow the links provided below.

SoGel Nail Supply


Hema Free Hard Gel Class 

By SO Gel Nail Supply Company

Class Fee: $29.95

*Sample Kit Inluded

Enroll Here: 

SO GEL is the easiest most innovated hard gel in a squeeze bottle. 

It does the work for you….literally!

Hema Free, 9 free, cruelty free, odorless, vegan and always made in the USA.



In this hands on class we will show you all 3 options of application available in our hard gel, 3 in 1 product: Less products on your desk, more money in your pockets!

Please bring the following- One hand free of product, LED Lamp, Extension cord/power bar,

Prep tools, Paper towels, Gel Brush

YOU’RE INVITED- Are you ready to literally hang out and chat all things business! 

LET’S gain you that CONFIDENCE to walk out and allow yourself to raise your prices and run your business like the BOSS you are! 

Friday September 22nd

Time- 12:30-2:30p
Class Fee- $40.00

Enroll Here: 

You will receive worksheets in class to help you when you leave, free PDF business guides VALUED at  $50, and I will hold an interactive class, + Q & A the last portion!!

You will gain:
•Pricing Knowledge! 
•An Abundance of Confidence 
•Future Growth Guidance 
•How to Legally Set Up Your Business Structure 
•Beauty Besties

Class 3

More Information Coming Soon

Class 4

More Information Coming Soon

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